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Making Face Masks

A fun and easy way to cover your mouth & nose
with bandannas and coffee filters.

If Shelley & I can do this, so can you.

Bandanna (makes 2 masks)
Coffee filter (one per mask)
Rubber bands
Sewing machine or stick-on tape
Garden wire (optional)

We start by cutting the bandanna into a triangle 10″ up from the corner.
(The pattern will help you cut straight across).
Fold the top edge under and iron.
Put two 1″ pleats facing down toward the top on the triangle. Pin. Iron flat.
Measure 10″ (5″ at the center) across top. Place rubber bands 10″ apart.
Iron the coffee filter in half and place it in the middle of the 10″.
Fold ends in. Iron flat.

Now, you may add a 3″ flexible tie in the center of the coffee filter. Fit in under the fold on top.
This helps the mask to fit your nose, but optional.
Sew across the top and down each side, (close to the rubber bands).

You can also use masking tape or nylon stick-on adhesive patches.
(Easier but not as durable or permanent).


Shelley’s neon face mask. My gray bandanna.
This would be a great “ART from Home” project. Just sayin’.

PS. Stay tuned for more “ART from Home” projects.


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