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Growing mushrooms

By September 5, 2020Tamlin's real life

People who know me know that I love to garden, walk barefoot in the grass, and depend on herbal remedies before going to prescribed medications.

I’m sure all this holistic stuff started with my dad, when I was young. But I also know that digging in the earth grounds my energy and sustains my soul.

Recently I started growing my own mushrooms. Edible white Oyster mushrooms, NOT the magic Psilocybin kind (although…)

I started by going to a beginners class, and since have had several “flushes” that are quite exciting to cut, cook, eat and savor.

Brick of mycelium, mushrooms quickly growing , getting larger…

After about 10 days the flush is ready to cut off the brick. I learned that if you put the cut mushrooms in the sun for a few minutes the vitamin D will increase times a hundred.

Finally,  I saute them in a little garlic and butter. Can you imagine the mouthwatering smell?
The yield is at least 3 dinners worth.
I made spaghetti sauce,  kale & mushroom soup, and the most delicious pesto & mushroom pasta.

I soak the mycelium brick in water again and wait about 10 more days for my next flush.

I am thrilled with this new, yummy adventure (and so is my husband).


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