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Hurricane Sally hit us hard…

By September 20, 2020Tamlin's real life

…but we’re still standing.

WOW what an experience:
85 mile an hour winds for hours
100 foot tree down, (only 2 inches from our roof)
Smashed skylight (but over the tub so all rain went down the drain)
No electricity for 4 wet and humid days

Having experienced all the above… we still feel truly blessed.
It could have been sooooo much worse. We still have tons of clean up and fixing to do but we were spared when we compare our damage to others who didn’t fare as well. (A friend had 3 trees fall through her house. Luckily she had evacuated but what a sight to come home to).


Don & I had just purchased a generator and it was delivered the day before Sally hit. That kept the fridge & fans going. My camping skills helped to make coffee on a sterno grill. (It would have been much more depressing without caffeine, believe me).

And yet there is always good that comes from of a disaster.
Once the storm settled our neighborhood immediately rallied to make sure everyone was okay. Families helped to clean the debris from yards. Some ice and water was distributed to those who didn’t have it. Food was shared on long tables so everyone could have a warm meal. At night kids cheerfully played with flashlights like fireflies circling the neighborhood. When the power was finally restored (4 days later) you could hear cheers all up & down the street.

Somehow Sally brought us closer together.
We feel blessed to live in such a beautiful paradise (still) and grateful for the bond we now share.
It’s all GOoD.


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