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Equinox brings me hope

I struggled with external/internal chaos:

Loosing friends over political polarization.
No patience with presumed ignorance.
Morality having no weight in the balance… just financial gain.
Being pulled with extremes in diversity.
I found myself with a low energy because of all the shit going on in the world today.

But there IS HOPE.
I believe everything is energy & frequency. (Thank you, Nikola Tesla)
And this last week there was an extraordinary shift.
The Equinox brought in some transforming opportunities, if I just take note.

So, I am taking note.

Here is an email I sent to friends who visited me today.

EP & Jodie,
So good to be with you today.
After our conversation here is the thought that I want to leave with you.

The energies of the equinox are helping us to disentangle ourselves from the “chaotic collapse” of the institutions in which we are so familiar (politics, banking, technology, education, relationships, religion). 

In this time, it is also possible to disengage from our tumultuous reality and…

witnessing without judgment,

continuing to pray for the highest GOoD for all concerned.

This is my hope in detaching from all that makes me crazy right now.
And, I believe if anyone can turn this around, my/our GOD can !!!

Looking forward to a peaceful transition.


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