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An Art Student who makes me proud.

By June 25, 2018July 26th, 2018ART CLASS Stories:

I have been working with Shelley for several years now. She is a delight to be around. We laugh, sing, and paint all the way through our (every Saturday) art class.
Years ago Shell, as I call her, had a “brain fart”, as she calls it. Actually it was an aneurysm that took her life away. And what an amazing life she had… up until then:

1.) Missionary to India (3 times)

2.) Police Department in St Louis (then DEA)
3.) Rock Star in Nashville (touring Europe as Blonde on Blonde)

Then Shelley had a cerebral aneurysm, a “BRAIN FART” and everything changed on a dime. She couldn’t speak, eat, write, or remember anything.

For many years Shelley has been working to bring her life back to some mode of normality…
and ART seems to be the way for her.

Weekly I push her boundaries, encouraging her to try new techniques and new ways of seeing things.
She never ceases to amaze me.
This time I tried to introduce “translucent” to her vocabulary. (We have a WORD Box where we write down words that she has just remembered, again… and TRANSLUCENT was todays word).

This is the painting Shell is working on.

… these gauzy curtains are certainly “translucent”.

If you want to read about Shelley’s almost unbelievable journey you can go to
click on I Have a Dream. The story of my life… I think.

            Cover of her book                         Book signings                                                     The music she wrote

Shelley now, enjoying life, even more.
I am proud of you, my friend.



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