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The Power to CREATE is a gift.

By June 26, 2018July 29th, 2018Tamlin's thoughts


Art is usually identified with a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a dress, a garden, a floor plan, a store window, an inviting yard space, a decadent dinner, etc.
Existing apart from the artist themselves. Sort of a separate and unique entity.

What some fail to recognize is that ART exists INTERNALLY as well as EXTERNALLY.
We see the end product, (unique as it might be), but the magnificent mystery comes from within.
It was the human mind that brought the art into reality.
An idea became tangible through the process of creating.

Where have we heard of this before ?!!**?#!!??
Wasn’t it God who thought creation into existence?
Aren’t we made in His/Her image?
Not necessarily a visual image but we have the same ability to imagine something… and then make it real.
What an awesome gift–creating something from nothing.
And we all have this magnificient power.

If we understand how our minds can imagine and create, then we can begin to believe in the glorious…

    POWER of ART.


Instead of creating a painting, let’s create our future. If we think of our lives as a blank canvas, just imagine how we are able to make our own life into a “Masterpiece”.

I can feel Vision Boards, coming soon.

Try to name these Artist’s self-portraits?
If you could picture yourself as a kid, what would YOU look like?
Then visualize yourself, let’s say 10 years from now, what would YOU look like then?
What medium would you use? (paint, chalk, collage, camera, clay, mosaic, pencil, markers, etc.
Do either of you, kid or adult, have any advice to give one other?
For sure you BOTH do, so…

                                                   WRITE IT DOWN !!!


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