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Neighborhood Art

By March 26, 2020Tamlin's thoughts

So, the kids are out of school.
That doesn’t mean they stop being creative.

I live in a neighborhood with many children. Some are home schooled and others have parents who are teachers.
I am seeing chalk drawings all up and down the street. Kids of all ages using their driveway as a canvas.
It’s a bit like walking down an art gallery. All different. All unique.

Much can be learned from this colorful experience:
1.) Chalk can’t be perfect. It smudges. Let that go.
2.) Pastels are messy, especially if you blend it with your hands. No worries.
3.) Team work. Everybody has different skills. Work with that.
4.) Take a picture because it will fade away with the next rain. Let that go, too.

Another anomaly is happening on my street.

Maybe it’s happening where you live as well. If not… maybe it should be.

There are Teddy Bears mysteriously popping up in windows, every where.

It’s as though a silent call has gone out amongst all these Teddy Bears to gather in their owners windows.
It’s sort of a Yippie Ki-Yay  way to help the children find them by continuously noticing.


Actually we have one too. Although it’s a Koala (which we all know is not really a bear, right?)
Sydney (my koala’s name) moves around every night. He sits in different windows as a strategy to trick the kids.

So, if you don’t have a “BEAR HUNT” in YOUR neighborhood, perhaps you should talk to YOUR Teddies so they will start gathering.
We all have one, right?


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