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No more GRAVITY for my PROMISE

By March 3, 2020Tamlin's pets

My mama bird, Promise, left this world yesterday.

I had the poetry group over to my home and in the midst of reading “Ode to Gravity” I noticed that Promise was lying on the cage floor and breathing sporadically.
I went over picked her up out of the cage and held her in my hands. I started praying and soothing her energy. Her breathing became calm but I knew she was transitioning. I prompted the poem reader to continue reading because the words were perfect for the situation at hand.

“Without GRAVITY there is freedom to soar”.

My other birds, Sky (dad) and Halo (son), watched the entire process quietly. They were close by and observing it all.
I sat close to the cage so they could see I was loving on Promise and not hurting her. They trust me.

A while later her heart stopped and Promise had moved on.
I felt her spirit release. Her remaining family started chirping softly, merrily. They knew she was gone and sang.

The moment she passed I laid her back in the cage so her boys could say good-bye. It was then a rainbow fell over her feathered body.
This has happened before. Neon colors covered her “bent” baby, Halo, who she and I nurtured together.

I have to admit my home is filled with rainbow colors all through the day. The movement and play of colorful illumination in our home is exceptional. I have many stones, stained-glass and Frank Lloyd Wright-like windows that reflect iridescent light. Below is the afternoon reflection from our front door.

Having said that… the precise timing of these “rainbow sightings” seems extra-ordinary, to say the least.
In both Halo and Promise’s experience the rainbows appeared as a RIGHT of  PASSAGE.
Halo=the right to live a life as a bent/disabled bird and still be happy
Promise=to soar into another realm having lived a good life here.

I was reminded of many life-lessons she had taught me in our 9 years together:
* She birthed Halo when she was approx. 60 human years old
* She pushed 6 eggs out of the nest before choosing the 7th egg to nurture
* She warmed Halo with her body until the egg cracked open
* She fed Halo with regurgitation from her mouth & Sky’s
* She protected Halo when Sky became jealous
* She watched closely while I held Halo to heal his “bent” body
* She knew we both loved Halo
* She lived 9 years giving us great joy

As I look up into the sky on this bright, crisp Saturday morning I say with my heart wide open…

Soar Promise. There is no more GRAVITY.

PS.  There is no coincidence that Dr. Jazz was reading that specific poem at that time.
It’s all GOoD.


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