Beyond Art

Exploring yourself (and others) through the Creative Process


Note to Potential Facilitators


It is my hope, my mission, and my intention to bring together interested Facilitators to teach the Beyond Art curriculum in public & private schools;
after school programs; church groups, and/or community centers…
across the entire country.
If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Beyond Art Facilitator
(contact me: /subject, BAF
You will be blessed BEYOND imagination.
I was.


Tamlin will personally offer webinars to help instruct Facilitators of any Public or Private School District or Community Organizations before beginning
the ‘Beyond Art’ curriculum. It is important that these lessons be taught within the guidelines for the best results.
Go to the
for more information.

Facilitator Classes:

Tamlin will also teach live workshops where the facilitators of several schools or facilities can learn hands-on tactics for better results and walk away with visual aids to use in their own classes.
Contact Tamlin to book a class at