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Exploring yourself (and others) through the Creative Process



We talked a lot in class about MANIFESTING your dreams. I want to clarify exactly what this means. To manifest simply means to make things happen.

MANIFESTING is a 3-step process:

1.)  THINK:
We thought about what we want to be when we grow up.
It is something that we hope for in our soul, not just something
we think is cool,  camp,  rad,  or epic.  It’s what we believe we
are put on this earth to do—our passion—our mission…our heart’s desire.

2.) ACT:
We started the potential of our dream (like putting the gas in the car), by first thinking it through. Now, to actually make it happen (stepping on the gas pedal), we begin to create our diorama. When we  start  the act of beginning the process, we are taking a hold of the wheel.

We put our foot on the accelerator when we felt as though we already had accomplished this dream. Not just wanting it badly
but actually appreciating being there. THAT is the final step to manifesting (and driving the car toward our destination).
Many of us just do the first step and hope it will manifest.
The last 2 steps are crucial to the MAKING IT HAPPEN !!!