Beyond Art

Exploring yourself (and others) through the Creative Process

 Students and their DIORAMA’S from the pilot-study on DIVERSITY

Making a DIORAMA is like creating your life…You have to problem solve all the way through it.


What & Why?



This class is specifically designed to help all the art students make connections
with people who are “different” from them.
So, what does that mean exactly?

There are 7 ½ BILLION people in the world, and no 2 are alike.

The main differences that people talk about are:
1.) Belief Systems: Moral codes, philosophies, political persuasion, etc.
2.) Cultures: Skin color, languages, religions, traditions, etc.
3.) Disabilities: Physical=Disabled Veterans, wheelchair bound, stroke,
          Muscular Dystrophy, Lupus, Turrets, MS, etc.
          Mental=Dementia, Autism, anxiety, depression, brain injury, social skills, etc.
4.) Gender Identity: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, (LGBTQ), etc.

Why do we JUDGE others?

We still judge others even though we are the same in so many more ways…
than we are different:
All humans need food, shelter & sunlight.
All humans have hopes and dreams.
All humans have the same feelings. (Expressed or not).
All humans struggle with life’s difficulties.
All humans bleed the same color.
All humans get to choose a better future.

The perfect art project to examine and share our own uniqueness…a DIORAMA.

“It is my mission and my intention to share this BEYOND ART curriculum in hopes to bring people together with “differences”
through the creative process.”  Let’s do this. Tamlin Allbritten