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PEACE of mind creates PEACE in our life !!!

…as well as hate encourages hate,
& chaos generates chaos,
& compassion fosters compassion,
& calm promotes calm,
& love inspires love.

So, how do we stay calm & peaceful in all this frickin’ chaos going on around us???

This is where the POWER of CREATIVITY and INTENTION come in.

An Elder once inspired me to do this:
Become mindful of what is happening inside your body and separate it from what is happening outside your body. They are 2 different spaces that need to be evaluated. Untangle them.
Separate them.

If my insides are scrambled I need to work on that first… and set aside the outer world for now.
This is how I was led to do it:
I sat quietly and discerned what was happening in the world around me.
I sensed distress, fear, sadness, tension, hopelessness, and so much more.

(This is artwork my students have done to visualize how they feel in their surroundings).

Once I have a clear visual, whether created or imagined, I set the outside aside and focus on how I want my inside to be.
(Think color and strokes and essence).

The painting above is Shelley’s  depiction of “CALM”. (See past posts).
That’s where I want MY spirit to live.
Now I have several visuals to help me focus on how I want to immerse myself.

If you focus on   your life will be 
Scientific proof.

Similarly, if you focus on  your life will be 
Scientific proof.

We all have the power to envision where we want our soul to reside.

Because I counter outside chaos with my inside peace of mind, I tend to not feel the unrest & clamor in the world as much. I can step back and see it as a large painting and not get submerged in it.
In other words, I can choose which painting I want to live in.
Of course my feathers get ruffled occasionally but this process to calm me down in the midst of chaos is a muscle that, over time, I have strengthened.

“How do you do that?”  I hear you asking.

If you are seriously asking, do this Homework assignment:
1.) Take one day and judge no one. (Not easy, I know).
No fault on any person, or culture, or religion, or status, or gender, or… anybody.
No democrats or republicans, no aggravating or disabled, no ugly or nasty, no stupid or needy.


2.) Observe the times you normally would judge, and don’t. (I documented it for proof).
3.) At the end of the day notice if you feel differently. (I certainly did).
If you are a mindful person you may feel lighter, maybe even a bit more tranquil & balanced.
Because Like seeks Like, if you don’t judge, you won’t feel judged.

PS. I have other brilliant artwork from students who express their “state-of-mind” through art.
Sometimes words are not enough.
Stay tuned.
Next week.








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