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Pets, Politics, and now Pillows ???

By September 1, 2019Tamlin's real life

I know my blog is suppose to be about “The POWER of ART”…

But my last 2 posts were off target, and now again I’m writing about PILLOWS ???
Actually, this might fit into my supposed blog theme” since creativity has come to the forefront.

The Power of creating your own DESIGNER PILLOW, now that’s an innovative thread to begin with.

Don and I are re-doing our bedroom’s color scheme and essence because of a rug
I found that I really, really liked (and so cheep, cheep, cheep).

No, this is not a dim picture or black & white photo. This is actually what the rug looks like.
A bit of a faded Aztec vibe and oh-so-plush.

So I’m looking for tribal/indigenous patterns in pillows that match my idea and they’re $50. to $100.
I’m NOT doing that. Back burner, for now.

Meanwhile, I go on a quick vaca to St. Augustine, FL. and when I come back I throw my unworn garments on the bed.
And VOILA !!! Something strikes me.

Why can’t I use shirts and jackets to cover these pillows?

I went through my closet and hit the Goodwill.

The translucent-gray, zebra-print shirt is mine and the taupe & black striped jacket I purchased for $2.
The size matters, so measure the width across the back with the pillow’s length. If you are working with stretchy fabrics you will have more leeway than working with stiff materials.

This woven shirt is the exact width of my chosen pillow. (This is Smoke, who has to be in the middle of everything I do).

Now, use double-sided tape to secure the placement on the pillow’s front.
Button, tape and pin all fabric down around the pillow.
Cut away all unnecessary fabric. The flatter the better.
Cutting off the sleeves and lining is probably best.
Hand sew together where needed. Every shirt will be different.

Not quite finished, and I already see that…

The pillow is screaming for EMBELLISHMENTS.

This is where your/my personality comes in.
I go to my supply bins labeled ‘Old Jewelry’ hoping to be inspired.

I was. Many options. These are now finished pillows, one with a red beaded earring, a bronze necklace and a turquoise stone.

So, can the subject of PILLOW MAKING be included in my blog’s theme

“The Power of ART”?

I think so.
The power doesn’t come from the unique, one-of-a-kind end product, it comes from the ability to create something from nothing.


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