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Sadie’s Story

By August 17, 2019Tamlin's pets

My precious Sadie “moved-on” this week and I would have been heart broken, but…

Instead several divine things happened the day she passed that guided me through this. I know God was preparing me for the heart break.

Before I explain the miracle I experienced, let me tell you a bit about my “Sadie Girl”.
Don & I adopted her almost 5 years ago. She was in a lovely home and was cared for just like their other pets. The problem was…
Sadie snores. No, I mean really SNORES. She also would breathe loud. She snorted and coughed continuously.
Sadie also was deaf. The family didn’t tell us any of this. But it didn’t matter.

Once she ran into the room where we adopted her, both our hearts were swept up with joy.
Her face and expression told her story. Not to mention the wagging tail.
She was a 9 year old Saint Charles Cavalier. She looked and acted like a puppy.
We were in love.

“Why are you giving this precious dog away?”  I asked.
“Because she snores and we have to keep her outside the bedroom while all the other pets sleep on the bed. She cries all night and it saddens us to have to do this.”
I could tell they had been good parents. We took her home that day and the beautiful story began.

We found out that Sadie had had several homes, sadly for the same reason. To us her snuffle was white noise so she had found her forever-home.
We also found out that she was totally deaf. Not just “A little hard of hearing” as we were told.
These issues were not a problem for us. We adored her instantly. She was HOME when she walked through the door.

Sadie’s eyes would follow me every moment of every day. She was ready for any slight gesture she could follow or any food I might be eating. (She always got my last bite).
We were inseparable. Sunny, my Cocker Spaniel, put up with her and slowly became friends.
Sadie loved watching my birds but never ruffled their feathers. They knew she was family.


Our years together were very special. We were connected heart-to-heart.  Eye contact always.
Recently her breathing and cough were getting worse. She had sailed way past her life expectancy.

The day before she passed, I gave her a bath and she slept soundly by my side, smelling clean, feeling damp and knowing she was loved.

Thursday night we had dinner with the Tribe, as always. When we came home the first thing I did/do is listen for Sadie’s breathing. Then I automatically know where she is. Because she is deaf she doesn’t hear when we come home but she smells our scent and comes out of hiding.
Tonight it was quiet. I looked all over our home. No sound. My heart was beating faster. I took another loop around the house, this time opening closet doors and checking under beds. Still no sound.
I knew.
My heart actually started feeling heavier as I continued to search.
I went outside and found her under a tree. She was still warm but I could tell her soul had left her body.

As we wrapped Sadie in a sheet, I was stunned to feel her weight. It was as though her spirit made her lighter when she was alive. I cut some of her hair (to later make her pillow) like I do with all my pets that have moved on.
I found the perfect spot in the yard and began digging with tears and a heavy heart.

Now, for the miracle.

My Healing Group has been exploring  Extension Of Life  through books, group discussion, and personal examples. We all have had some indication after a loved one dies that they are trying to communicate with us in various ways.
I’m sure you have a story as well.

So, how do we know that it is our loved one who is talking to us verses our own thinking of what they might say or do? A great question that we all have asked ourselves before.

Here is what I believe.
When we RECEIVE thoughts… not merely THINKING them, we know it is from the SOURCE.
The SOURCE can be God, or your family member, or your pet that has just passed on.
Once your mind shifts to this knowing… grief subsides, and a CLARITY fills your/my understanding

Remembering this, I began meditating asking the question “Sadie, what do you want me to know?”
I relax and release all thoughts that come into my mind. I am deeply breathing in Mother Earth (grounding) and Father Sky (wisdom) as I ask the question again.
Then come’s a visual as clear as the most brilliant day. My Dad is fishing like he did so often in his lifetime. He’s in a fold- up chair at the edge of the water with tackle & bait close by.
Sadie as a puppy is running around him trying to get his attention. He appears interrupted, but really he is happy for the exuberance and joy this dog immediately brings. He loves her already.

I must step back here and mention that my Dad never let us have a puppy when we were growing up because he had a bad experience as a kid and didn’t want us to be traumatized like he was.

Having said that, the feeling coming through this visual was pure joy. Not just on Sadie’s part but also coming from my Dad’s heart. I could feel his appreciation and understanding of the situation. He understood that this little “Ragamuffin” who already had captured his heart, like she did ours, was a gift to my Dad from me.

The miracle is more than solidified when I suddenly realize that… TODAY IS MY DAD’S BIRTHDAY.
I was completely up-lifted with the Divine Timing. I felt a release that eased my heart. They were together.
The words that came to mind were:

Sadie is my birthday gift to you, Dad.
Enjoy her as much as I did”.


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