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What is happening energetically in our country?

By August 13, 2019Tamlin's thoughts

Most of you know that I am NOT a republican OR a democrat.

I refuse to put myself in a category that boxes me in.

Instead of being political, I see what’s happening in this nation as energy moving in slow waves or spurts or explosions. I see hopeful energy and I see deteriorating energy.

I know that few may understand what I am talking about so here is a quick exercise that you can do to feel the essence of what I am trying to say.

Close your eyes.

Say HOPE. Feel what your body does?
Say DETERIORATE. What does your body feel and/or do?

Is there a difference?

If not, close your eyes again and say HOPE and DETERIORATE back and forth, respectively, several times.
How does your body react to these words?
Is there a difference now?

Anyone who is sensitive and aware of their body will feel a rocking sensation.

Positive words move our spirit (life force) up and out.
Negative words moves our spirit in and down.

Now that you know this, try speaking some other words:
What was your body doing when you said these words?
Was there a pattern or random movement in your life force?

Now, hopefully, you are beginning to understand what I am looking for (feeling, seeing) in candidates, in policies, in service rendered, in regulations, in attitudes, in everything that is going on in our country right now.


Overall, I feel this nation is moving forward and I see hopefulness in the direction we are going. Many things are coming to the surface that needs to be unveiled & understood in order to be healed.

Topics such as:
*Physical, emotional, sexual abuse into jail sentences and safety-nets for those abused
*Banks mishandling funds into new regulations and procedures
*Over-crowded jails into restructuring of drug and mental health laws
*Mass shootings into recognition of mental illness and up-grading inadequate gun laws
*Congress’ deficiencies into society’s no more tolerance for slow assistance
*Excess pharmaceutical costs into a balanced homeopathic understanding
*Mother Earth’s misuse into alternative fuels and power sources
*Inevitable move toward conflict/bloodshed into continued peace talks
*Hierarchy by judgement into appreciation for our fellow man/woman

The negative energy of all the circumstances listed above are not being tolerated anymore and the shift from negative to positive is beginning to happen, some more rapidly than others.

Many of these changes I won’t see in my lifetime but the movement is forward & up…
not backward & down

Now that we know that words and conditions have positive or negative energy, it will take intention and practice to help us see/feel our nation’s developments, not politically, but energetically. This is the only way for us to get out of the disorder we are now in.

So, please don’t put yourself in a designated box. Feel your way through this state of affairs.

As I discussed in my blog published on 7-14-2019…

Which painting would YOU rather live in?


We will ALL be better off for this fresh perspective.








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