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Personality Portraits

What is your individual, distinctive character?

…and what would it look like if it were a portrait?

This was a recent art class and the students loved it.

What you will need:
a 12″x 12″canvas
a picture of yourself that you print in 8’x 10″ (black & white or color)
Mod Podge
misc art supplies (chalk, paint, personal items)


1.) Print out a picture of yourself (in black & white or in color)
2.) Cut around the head
3.) Glue onto the canvas with Mod Podge
4.) Cover the picture only with Mod Podge
5.) Let dry while selecting articles that represent WHO YOU ARE
6.) Chalk and/or paint background… or not
7.) Hot glue on 3D articles, and Elmers glue on 2D things

Students choose from abundance of supplies. You can chalk background then hairspray so it won’t smudge.

Finished portraits reveal the real you/ me/ them/ us.




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