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The “c” word (and it’s not Covid)

By January 23, 2021February 12th, 2021Tamlin's Healing Journey, Tamlin's real life, Tamlin's thoughts

For those who do not know yet, I have been diagnosed with “c”.
Because I am an ‘Energy Worker’ I have decided to record my Healing Journey and share it on this format. Not knowing what I am in for is a bit unnerving, but fear is NOT a part of my existence.
Being able to understand the properties of energy/frequency will certainly help the process.
This will not be easy for me since REAL LIFE may not be pretty.
But here goes, anyway:

A scary diagnosis.

Healing modalities, including my pets.

Bike riding with my gal pals.

Distance healing from my teacher.

Feeling the heat.

Stay tuned for more of Tamlin’s Healing Journey!


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