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The Energy of Dogs & Cats

By March 31, 2019Tamlin's pets

Most of you know that I am continually studying energy and how much it effects us.

I’ve always known that Sadie, my precious King Charles Cavalier, can see angels.

… and my cat, Smoke, lays on my chest to heal anxiety or depression with his purrrrrr.

I believe pets are here to help us heal.
They know what we need even if they are not a service animal.

And who can deny my precious Halo, who I raised from an egg.

He can’t fly because of a crooked tail, but brings me so much joy I can’t stand it.
Even cleaning their very messy cages is not a chore for me.

Which reminds me of a life-examining experience I had in my Energy Healing Group.

There is an app you can plug into your computer that measures how grateful you are, no really !!!

I put a clip on my finger and a black & white drawing of a garden with flowers, trees, and a flowing riverĀ  shows up on the screen. No color, just like a page in a coloring book.
Bob, our teacher, tells me to feel grateful.
I close my eyes and feel grateful.
Colors on the page begin to fill in the blank spaces. It is beautifully blooming…
Then it stops. The page is 1/3 filled with bright, luminescent hues.
Bob now asks me to close my eyes and visualize a face of someone who I love dearly.
I imagine Sadie’s sweet expression…

and the picture bursts into color.
The spring green grass, the clear blue sky with puffy white clouds, the slow moving river, and every color of flower you can imagine.
It was neon in motion.

So, what happened?

The app measured my gratitude before and after I visualized my dog.
It exploded with vibrancy and filled the entire page when I envisioned Sadie.

Animals do this to our energy system.

“So what does this have to do with ART”, I hear you asking.

In all my 8 books that I have written about the Power of ART,
I remind the reader that…

Your life is a blank canvas,

Create a MASTERpiece !!!!!

And when you understand ENERGY you can illuminate your life.



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