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Update on my birds (Promise, Sky and Halo)

By December 7, 2019December 29th, 2019Tamlin's pets

For those who follow my pet stories, Halo is doing much better.
If you remember she was born cripple. Her tail was at a 90 degree angle.
I prefer to call her “bent” and I loved her at first sight.

It broke my heart when she was afraid to move. I saw it in her eyes. I have used healing touch on people and dogs, but not on a bird. So, why not?
I held Halo with the intention for her to be calm and move any way she can.
The results were/are magical. They always are.

Now, 7 months later, Halo has adjusted to her “disability” and doesn’t even know she used to be “bent”.
She maneuvers by grabbing the cage and moves everywhere with exuberance.
She doesn’t know she was/is different.
Actually, she IS different because she works toward THRIVING. Nothing holds her back.
I love that about Halo. I love that about people.

Yes, the sound of my birdies brings me joy. And healing touch is real and evident.
With intention and moving energy my baby Halo is healed.

We all have this healing power if we would just use it.

Stay tuned to my next blog,  for the story of a cat that I recently adopted from a friend who was shot.
No, really.

PS. I hear some of you asking “What do pets have to do with THE POWER OF ART which your blog is suppose to be about??? Well, through my beloved pets, I am creating the life I want for myself.

  Remember, “Your life is a Blank Canvas… Create a MASTERpiece”.


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