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Okra… no way.

By December 14, 2019Tamlin's pets

I recently adopted a cat from a friend who was shot.

This is a true story.
Still can’t believe it myself.
Laura was in her prime, a talented artist/photographer, living in Mobile, Alabama.
Someone she vaguely new came into her home and shot her in the back. She was instantly paralyzed.

After months of rehab she finally came home. I went to visit her and she was not doing well. As I was leaving, Laura grabbed my arm and pleaded… “Please take my cat”.

Holy s**t, really? I already have a dog, a cat, 3 birds, 13 fish, and a whole lotta dust bunnies.
But, I loved this cat at first sight. She jumped on my lap and started purring when Laura, in her hospital bed, was too tired to pet her. I could see Okra needed attention.

So OKRA is not a name I could live with. I’m not from the south. I dislike the slimy taste of okra, so, no way.

But I instantly loved this beautiful, affectionate cat.
Should I call Don? He needs to be consulted.

“OK, I will take your cat, Okra”

So, Don fell in love with her instantly, as I did. He even came up with the name “Mocha” which, because of the similar kah sound, she instantly took to her new name, and her new environment.
She is loved and feels it.

First, she needed to make friends with my birds…

Then she started enjoying the sun in the morning on my raised garden.

She is home, and we love her.

Laura died just a few months after I adopted Okra.
She knew, on the other side, that I changed her cat’s name and she is OK with it.
Later, I received a box of buttons from Laura’s family because they knew I am a seamstress and have a fascination for buttons.
On the night of Laura’s transition (I don’t believe in death), I sat with Mocha and the box of buttons.
Mocha knew.
I knew.
It worked out like it was suppose to.

If we can feel the synchronicity in life, we are ahead of the game.

Rest in peace, Laura.


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