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My brother’s Christmas gifts…

…are always so unique !!!

Drew lives in Southern France with his wife, Susan, and their beyond cute puppy, Sydney.

Their home in Cessenon sur-Orb.       A recent event in their village (I can’t read French, so you tell me). 

he family 3 (Sydney as a pup)

Drew & Susan travel all over the world and find unique gifts for me along the way. Items that I would never imagine even existed, or pieces they found for my curious mind, or those I can’t quite believe are in the market place for sale, no really !!!

Case in point:

A 450 million year old fossil of the early life on earth (Orthoceras).
Now my prized possession.

Small pieces of stone from the Great Wall of China (shhhhhhhhhh)

Stationary from the town the Allbritten’s came from (different spelling) in the early 1600’s.
(Thanks,Drew, for doing all this research). Notice the Mary Magdalene reference.
I am so frickin’ inspired.

A key chain purchased in Germany. (Can you believe?!)

And last, but certainly NOT THE LEAST…

This is the most unnerving gift I received. Drew actually bought this T-shirt on the street in Russia.
What does this say to you?
It tells me that if Russia is this blatant, we are in real trouble.

So thanks, Drew, for bringing me along your journey.
I appreciate the unique gifts and even more that you are thinking of me along the way.
It gives me much to think about. And pray about.

Love you, Bro. Can’t wait to meet you in Egypt this fall.


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