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“What is Energy Healing?” … I hear you asking.

By December 27, 2018December 30th, 2018Tamlin's real life, Tamlin's thoughts

Because I mentioned in my 2018 Christmas Letter that “I am still studying ENERGY HEALING” 
I feel the need to share with those who I know are curious.

For the last 5+ years I have been extra-ordinarily blessed to be in a group of “Energy Healers” practicing many different modalities. This powerful group of knowledgeable and wise people takes the time (and intention) to make a difference through hands-on AND distance healing.
From Fairhope to Washington DC and beyond, we are sending love & light every Thursday.

I find little things to do in my life that stimulates energy and moves it forward. Example below:


This Christmas I gave my friends a bottle of fireflies.
Because I have a delightful memory of chasing these remarkable reservoirs of light… (when playing with my brother and Ohio cousins from the age of 7 to 10 yrs old).
I vividly remember the energizing feeling of enchantment and I wanted to share that emotion through my gift.

As I inserted the copper string of lights, I prayed over each and every one…
sort of like rosary beads.
No, I’m not Catholic but that’s what it reminds me of.
Because of the energy I sent into the lights through my intention, I know these bottles were filled with sparkles that radiated out where ever they were placed.
That’s just one way I’m sending “healing energy” this season.

For those of you who still don’t understand:
*Dr. Masaru Emoto, (an internationally renowned Japanese scientist), discovered that molecules of water are effected by words, thoughts, and feelings. 
* In his book “Hidden Messages in Water” Dr. Emoto has pictures of water crystals BEFORE and AFTER the positive intention (whether it be prayer or a piece of paper with words).
* Excerpt from page 32:

So, in 2005, when I read Dr. Emoto’s book for the first time (and subsequent other books) I was compelled to study more about energy. The proof is in his pictures.
That was the beginning of my never-ending journey to become an Energy Healer

…and it’s not just my powerful Healing Group of 10.
I recently read where some schools are placing 2 similar plants in their hallways so students can “bully” one plant and talk “respectfully” to the other one. The results are remarkable. While they visualize the differences in each plant, understanding is spreading. Wouldn’t it be cool if ALL schools did this?
That is teaching ENERGY HEALING.

There are other, easier ways, of course:
*SMILE at everyone you meet (with eye contact). Make them smile back.
*Set a positive intention for yourself every morning.
*Spread “rock art” around your community (see previous blogs) to help someone change their attitude when they find it. (It’s anonymous healing that makes the giver and the finder both feel good).
Just sayin’.

May the fireflies of delight follow you all the Christmas Season and well into 2019.







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