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What is this Corona Virus telling us?

By March 18, 2020Tamlin's thoughts

According to Maia Kincaide, who is well known for her animal communication lessons/classes/blog from Sedona, Arizona:

“The virus is a living entity. Since I talk with animals, plants, insects anything alive,
I believe I can communicate with the virus.”

So Maia did.
The Corona Virus said:
I am here to give understanding and appreciation for what is truly important in your lives. I am here to remind you what life is all about. You now have a time of quiet contemplation and reflection like you would never have imagined. I encourage you to go inward, and appreciate these times while you have them.

My presence could result in a tremendous transformation of the human spirit! We hope to see you having more restful times, more peace of mind, and a simple joy in living! Rest to strengthen your life, complete things of the past, forgive one another, come together in your hearts. Give appreciation for yourself and all those who have contributed to your life. This will build your immune system and bring you joy!

The above is paraphrased from Maia’s recent blog in the Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication. To read the entire conversation go to

If you are not sure that we can have a discussion with cells in our body…
let’s pretend we can.

The virus is telling us this is a time to revitalize our body, mind and spirit.
Sleep in
Walk in nature
Read books you’ve intended to read for years
Clean your fridge

If you could relax in your body, your home, your relationships…

we would truly take advantage of the down-time.

No politics to react to. No hateful news on TV. No elections to think about.
Just BREATHE in the solitude.
I’m going to.



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