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ALCHEMY Ink art class

By November 4, 2018ART CLASS Stories:

What does ALCHEMY mean?

The basic definition is: To make the ORDINARY into EXTRAORDINARY.
The medieval forerunner to chemistry based on the transformation of matter.
Ancient Egypt tried changing base metals into gold through a mystical process.
Changing from fixed properties to another substance.
Universal laws mixed with spiritual experience.
I believe this can happen.

The magic that happens in between two states.
Such as:
Transcending basic beliefs into higher truths.
Transmuting fear into understanding.
Letting go of outcomes.

Yup, that’s what we did in this ALCHEMY INK art class.
We let go of perfectionism. We let the organic prevail.
Not an easy subject to understand…
But they did.

Art students working with the inks


Example of what can happen when we let go.


Ink on glass to be framed and put in a window.


I am so proud of these students who understood the process of letting the organic happen and rejoicing in the  outcome. Not easy to do.

I am proud of my students who took on the challenge to let it all go.
They took the ordinary… and turned it into extraordinary.


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