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Would YOU dye your hair PURPLE ???

Would you ever dye your hair PURPLE?

Being an artist means to create YOURSELF the way you IMAGINE.
After all, your life is a blank canvas.

A great example of this is my grand daughter, Maggi. She was an artist from her very beginning.

Last summer she even talked me into dying some of my hair with blueberry Kool-Aid (which I couldn’t get out for weeks) while Maggi dyed her hair “grape”.


Daring to be different runs in the family.

Maggi’s aunt Doris, (her grandfather’s sister) who recently turned 90, also died her hair… purple.

Doris had been diagnosed with cancer a few months ago but that had not slowed her down. She lived her life to the fullest and never felt sorry for herself. In fact she raced toward the end with humor, grace and class. Her favorite color was purple (just like Maggi) and she didn’t hesitate to prove it.

Last week Doris was at a “DECADE” party, dancing with her children and grand kids when she slumped over and died. She literally left the dance floor, sat down and died, right there…
at a party celebrating her life.

Having said all that, I don’t want to focus on death in this blog.

I want to focus on PURPLE HAIR.

Both Maggi and Doris have a similar DNA that compels them to live their life CREATIVELY.
To dye their hair if they want to.

So, would YOU dye your hair PURPLE ???



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