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The COLORS of Thanksgiving…

By November 24, 2018Tamlin's thoughts

The colors of Thanksgiving are subjective…

Different for everyone.
For ME the colors are Pumpkin, Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon.
No, I’m not talking food… I labeling colors, like they do in a box of crayons.
When I say these colors a visual comes to mind, right? (which color is which below?)

These warm colors are close on the color wheel which makes them “analogous”.

The definition of ANALOGOUS is: similar, comparable, corresponding, related.


And with the combination of these colors also comes…

Feelings are also subjective, different for everyone.
An example of this is red could feel like LOVE to someone, and feel like ANGER to someone else.
Black could mean DEPRESSION to some, and POWER to others.
Blue could feel like PEACE, or maybe even SORROW.

The FEELING of COLORS comes from the association we have with the experience of those hues.
That’s why Thanksgiving has a color and a feeling¬†linked to our experience.

Thanksgiving may bring a golden glow to our soul,
or anxiety to your chest,
or doubt to your mind,
or melancholy to your heart.

Whatever it is, be aware and think of the association.
Because it’s subjective, you can change it.

PS. What is your color/feeling for Christmas???




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