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Remember Dot-2-Dot Art ?

By October 14, 2018October 16th, 2018Tamlin's real life, Tamlin's thoughts

I believe that the idea behind this kid’s simple art lesson…
reminds us how to live our best lives:

1.) The dots are numbered so we are thoughtfully directed to the next step… (by the maker).
2.) If we don’t take the next best dot, we get off in a wrong direction.
3.) If we skip ahead too fast we miss the point.
4.) We don’t really know what the picture will look like until we are almost finished, so don’t stop.

Easy dot-2-dot                              Medium dot-2-dot                                        Extreme dot-2-dot

Knowing that DOT-2-DOT ART resembles our life, some lives are easy, some are more difficult, and some are extremely hard. The idea is not to stop. The quest is to finish so the picture will reveal itself. We are promised by the MAKER.

So, why bring this up now?

This week was my 70th (ouch) birthday and  my party theme was… POLKA DOTS !!!
If you know me, you know how I love polka dots. I have polka dot clothes, shoes, purses, etc.
No, really. I wall papered my kitchen just before the birthday brunch. And it looks fabulous !!!

At the brunch all the ladies went home with an EXTREME DOT-2-DOT drawing,
knowing that the picture will somehow reveal itself… if they take the time.
It always does.


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