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Who wrote this?

By April 30, 2019May 1st, 2019Tamlin's thoughts

Who wrote this and why is it important now?

“The trouble about argument is that it moves the whole struggle onto the Enemy’s own ground. He can argue too; whereas in really practical propaganda of the kind I am suggesting He has been shown for centuries to be greatly the inferior of Our Father Below. By the very act of arguing, you awake the patient’s reason; and once it is awake, who can foresee the result? Even if a particular train of thought can be twisted so as to end in our favor, you will find that you have been strengthening in your patient the fatal habit of attending to universal issues and withdrawing his attention from the stream of immediate sense experiences. Your business is to fix his attention on the stream. Teach him to call it “real life” and don’t let him ask what he means by “real”.

Do you know?

Here’s a hint:


Another hint:
Written in 1941 by a popular Christian author.

The Screw Tape Letters by C.S. Lewis
Letter #1,  (3rd paragraph down)

Who is the narrator?
Who is the “patient”?
Who is “Our Father Below”?
What does  “awake the patient’s reason” mean?
What is an “immediate sense experience”?

So, why did I decide to blog about this?

It appears that this topic is even more relevant now than in 1941.
Go figure.



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