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Good Vibrations !!!

By April 27, 2019Tamlin's thoughts

No, not the 1966 song by the Beach Boys…

Although, that’s exactly what I’m blogging about today.
“Good, good, good, good vibrations.”


I was watching Ellen the other day and I understand why so many people adore her.
Myself included.
She usually , in the final segment of the show,  will bring someone up from the audience and surprise them with something they desperately need.
And then she adds even more to that.

I’ve seen people hyperventilate, just to be in her presence.
They do stupid things in front of a billion (not, really) viewers.

And to watch Ellen’s face while all this happens. She exudes joy.

Which brings me back to the Good Vibration part.

There is scientific proof that Joy is an energy that can be measured. Actually, all feelings can be measured (see my blog from March 31 “The Energy of Dogs & Cats” where we measured gratitude),  but I believe Ellen’s vibe is off the chart.

It is her intention to make people happy.


Ok, now I’m going off topic for a minute but follow me. I will bring it back around, I promise.

I have a special friend, Bob, who I love dearly.
He was diagnosed with throat cancer 6 months ago and has been through a grueling treatment schedule for months.

Our group of friends (we call the Tribe because we have each other’s backs) all of us were worried and praying for Bob. He lost 30 pounds and his skin was pale. Normally a handsome man with a great head of hair (which, by the way, he DID NOT loose).

This last week the doctor was to scope down Bob’s throat and see if all the cancer was gone. The Tribe knew the time of his appointment and were waiting with baited breath to hear what was the result.

No call. No email. Nothing.

I started thinking maybe something had gone wrong.
I called his wife and she told me it all went well and…  Bob is CANCER FREE.

I had 2 immediate reactions:
1.) So relieved.
2.) So pissed.
Why hadn’t he informed us???? We/I was waiting for the news. I wanted to rejoice with him. So, I called him out. And you know what he said? He said “It’s no biggy. I will tell people as I see them.”

Ok, now I’m coming back around to the Ellen story.

I explained to Bob that he had an opportunity to send out some GOOD VIBRATIONS. A group email would have blown the lid off the Tribe, and we wanted that. A time of celebration would radiate into the world.

Summarizing all of the above:

We have the responsibility to send out Good Vibrations every time we can.
We need more of that JOY in our lives.
Let’s try to be more like Ellen.
Don’t miss any opportunity to spread your joy. It’s contagious.

Oh, and one more thing…

Love you, Bob, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


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