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“Sometimes words are not enough

Easters past

Because I’m not doing physical art classes right now, here is a throw-back to a time when I did.    I taught this Wooden Cross art class to seniors, kids and special needs… and they all loved it. The students could pick from my many bins of supplies and any…

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March 20, 2021 is a New Beginning

No, really. Today is the Equinox and this is when the seeds begin to break through and grow… “LIFEWORD”. How does this happen? Why does it happen? The spring season represents a time when Mother Earth, after a time of nurturing, pushes out all things in hopes they will grow…

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The Christmas Star

As most of you know the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction happened this week and right at the time of Solstice.      This is a very rare happening. Some say it was 1623  when this planetary positioning happened last. Some say it was in the 1200’s. But most say that this rare alignment…

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