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“Sometimes words are not enough

The Christmas Star

As most of you know the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction happened this week and right at the time of Solstice.      This is a very rare happening. Some say it was 1623  when this planetary positioning happened last. Some say it was in the 1200’s. But most say that this rare alignment…

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Spirit the whale

This Thanksgiving Fairhope, and all of Mobile Bay, had a Sad Miracle. A Sperm Whale, who we named “Spirit” swam up the channel and beached himself about 1,000 feet off shore and  in 4 feet of water. He was 35 feet long and 38,000 pounds. When I heard of this…

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How do I get & stay there ?!!*??#?

“WHERE”, you ask ??? Christians call it the “State of Grace” The Bible calls it “Heaven” Hippies call it “Nirvana” Buddha calls it “Enlightenment” Athletes call it the “Zone” Science calls it “Entanglement” Abraham calls it the “Vortex” Healers call it the “Fifth Dimension” Whatever we label it: the location,…

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