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“Sometimes words are not enough

Solstice Ceremony

My healing group, (that I have been a part of for 7 years now) had a Solstice Ceremony at the exact time that the sun stood still… 9:58am CST. It was a chilly morning but we still celebrated the release of things that don’t serve us anymore. We wrote these…

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What is this GHOST thinking?

Halloween was last night. We had 48 trick-or-treaters. This year I asked a question to all that came to our door for candy.    Out of 48 visitors, 29 peeps answered the question. Everything from “Silense” (sp) to “Braves in 6”. From “Happy things” to “…yoga moms”. Seems as though…

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Halloween ART in Recovery

Hello, my friends, It’s that time of year again and I never fail to remember this powerful Halloween art class, from the year 2008. You can find the entire remembering in my memoir  (chapter 29, page 245), or go to to see all the books I’ve written on the…

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Remembering a good friend

A friend passed un-expectantly and those left behind are struggling with the loss. Tance was an artist, dog lover, avid book reader, intelligent conversationalist, and pure joy to be around. She had many friends and we loved her dearly. Some of her friends decided to have a special outside memorial…

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