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“Sometimes words are not enough

What is this Corona Virus telling us?

According to Maia Kincaide, who is well known for her animal communication lessons/classes/blog from Sedona, Arizona: “The virus is a living entity. Since I talk with animals, plants, insects anything alive, I believe I can communicate with the virus.” So Maia did. The Corona Virus said: I am here to…

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No more GRAVITY for my PROMISE

My mama bird, Promise, left this world yesterday. I had the poetry group over to my home and in the midst of reading “Ode to Gravity” I noticed that Promise was lying on the cage floor and breathing sporadically. I went over picked her up out of the cage and…

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Are you PREPARED ???

I recently had a class at my home about “being prepared” for anything that may come our way. Hurricanes Tornadoes Storms Floods Earthquakes Fires (in home and wild fires) Civil unrest Pandemics Nuclear detonations etc. etc. etc. Who knows what might happen in our future and I believe it’s good…

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Bobble-Head Valentines

Valentines Day is our anniversary. 5 years now. Been together 11 years. So, what do you give a guy who has everything?  “Bobble-Heads” of course !!! I had these 10″ figures custom-made for us. I was impressed with the examples on their website ( and actually found a Groupon for…

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It’s that time of year again.

And what time is that?.. I hear you asking. Here’s a clue.      Yup, Mardi Gras, KING CAKE  babies. So, I have a story about these little plastic babies. I went to a garden party years ago. I was new to the South and had very little knowledge of their…

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2020 ‘Time Capsule’ art class

So, what exactly is a TIME CAPSULE ? It’s a point-in-time where pictures/words/items are encapsulated so some time in the future your current situation will have a better understanding. There are many different types of Time Capsules (TC): Baby TC to open when they become an adult Kids TC to…

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“Just Mercy” highly recommended

I have attended 2 of Bryan Stevenson’s presentations and he always has impressed me with his eloquence and passion, (not to mention good looks). But when I saw the heart wrenching movie, ‘Just Mercy’ so many feelings came up for me. First IRRITATED then totally PISSED OFF HEARTBREAK for the…

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Why do I BLOG ??!*#??!!

Actually, I can’t believe I have already written 78 blogs, mostly about the “Power of ART”. If you subscribe you know I also write about my many pets because they bring me so much joy. In addition, I post about energy healing because that’s what I’m studying and applying in…

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