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“Sometimes words are not enough

Thief Collage (Project #2)

What could be stolen from you? By completing the first art class you know where you are NOW and where you want to be in the FUTURE… (if you didn’t do project #1 yet, I suggest you do it now, for much needed information). So, let’s do the second art…

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Now and Future (Project #1)

Empower yourself through ART Don’t know where to start helping yourself  ???#!!??**#?! The best way is to know where you are NOW, then, where you where you want to be IN THE FUTURE… before you can measure your success. This is the FIRST art project  I do to help me…

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I facilitate INDIGENOUS ART, as well.

I am known to help my students discover more about themselves through ART… in rehabs, community programs, schools, team-building, in families, couples, kids… But I also do art projects… JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. I BELIEVE ART HELPS YOU LEARN ABOUT LIFE: (many of these are the National Core…

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The Power to CREATE is a gift.

The POWER of ART Art is usually identified with a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a dress, a garden, a floor plan, a store window, an inviting yard space, a decadent dinner, etc. Existing apart from the artist themselves. Sort of a separate and unique entity. What some fail to recognize is that...
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Something we can ALL agree on… finally.

Those who know me well know what my political preferences are. Because of the transparency of a blog, I prefer to keep that to myself. I just felt compelled to share my feelings about Trump’s meeting in North Korea with Kim Jong Un. Recently a close friend, who has a distaste for our president, mentioned…

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JUSTIFY… a message from above?!

The Belmont on June 9th was thrilling and I couldn’t help but think “Is this another message?” The definition of JUSTIFY is, according to Webster & Google, “To provide a good reason that you are right” Did you know that on June 1st the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee champion was, 14…

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The Blessing Box: a true story

An ART CLASS Story:  excerpt from Forgetting to Fly (My memory of stumbling up)     Chapter 30: The Blessing Box I love to create art experiences because, like cream, what you need to know always rises to the surface. My studio art classes are for couples, families, friends, work-related teams, any and all…

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Beyond ART: My curriculum on DIVERSITY

I am thrilled to announce that my latest curriculum on DIVERSITY is out and ready to be distributed. Beyond ART:  Exploring Yourself and Others through the Creative Process. This curriculum is an easy/fun way to have people with “differences” begin to understand and appreciate each other. My art students thought about who they wanted to become and…

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