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“Sometimes words are not enough

LakeView Neuro Rehab (#1) Pam

Lakeview Neuro Rehab Excerpt from Forgetting to Fly (Chapter 18:  Meeting Pam)  Working in a Nuero Rehab center was much different than teaching art in a public school. First, my patients were all ages in the same class. My youngest was twelve and my oldest was in his ninety’s, although…

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The COLORS of Thanksgiving…

The colors of Thanksgiving are subjective… Different for everyone. For ME the colors are Pumpkin, Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon. No, I’m not talking food… I labeling colors, like they do in a box of crayons. When I say these colors a visual comes to mind, right? (which color is which…

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ALCHEMY Ink art class

What does ALCHEMY mean? The basic definition is: To make the ORDINARY into EXTRAORDINARY. The medieval forerunner to chemistry based on the transformation of matter. Ancient Egypt tried changing base metals into gold through a mystical process. Changing from fixed properties to another substance. Universal laws mixed with spiritual experience. I believe this can happen….

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